Diaporama: OVNi edition 2015

Objectif Vidéo Nice Video Art Festival 2016:

November 30th-December 4th

* OVNI is the French acronym for UFO


OVNi is a Video Art Festival that will take place from November the 30th to December 4th, 2016, within the Windsor hotel in Nice, France, a hotel renowned for its unique collection of 31 “Art-Rooms”. This uncommon exhibition of video installations and projections is sponsored by Pascal Neveux, an important figure in the contemporary art-scene, engaged in promoting videoart. The event is open to everybody, with the aim to encourage the disseminating of video art to the general public.
About tewnty-five contemporary art spaces and museums will gather together to offer to the art lover as well as to the lay audience a chance to appreciate video-art, in both an intimate and an unusual context, in the privacy of a hotel room. By freely pushing a door that will always open, visitors can easily approach this medium, which is widely used in contemporary art but still too little known. Aside from the venue’s specificity, the structures participating are given “carte blanche”. The project is collaborative and was developed with entities acknowledged for their experience and expertise in this field, originating from both institutional and alternative spheres.
OVNi will provide a large panorama of contemporary art creation while contributing to showcasing the artistic influence of the French Riviera.

OVNi is a unique collaboration set in an atypical location. It is the pleasure to be together, to welcome and to make video-art visible in an open and qualitative way.
Odile Redolfi-Payen

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